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A small fix to use `fnm` with Sublime Linter

I recently switched over to using Sublime Text 4 for development on my personal projects. Overall it worked well, sans some extra work integrating Sublime Linter with NVM, to allow easier Node version management.

NVM started slowing down my workflow, opening new console windows took too long. Through the developer community I found fnm, a faster node version manager. It's been great so far, installation was a breeze and its speed helps keep me focused.

Unfortunately, this broke my janky NVM integration with Sublime Text 4.

After a couple hours of debugging, I found the fix to be simpler than I thought:

Move any environment variable instantiations, such as fnm's, to a different file named .zshenv.

The final step is to clean up any old Node binary references in Sublime Text settings, such as in the main application settings, JsPrettier, and SublimeLinter.

Once I cleaned those up, Sublime Linter worked out of the box. 🎉

Anson Lichtfuss

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